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Materials Chemistry Group


Minfei Fei


* MCG webmaster; WPIC Materials Innovation Centre webmaster

Education Background

Ph.D. Candidate, Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

M.S., Materials Science & NanoEngineering, Rice University

B.Eng. (Outstanding Graduate Award), New Energy Science & Engineering, Nanjing University

Undergraduate Visiting Scholar, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Minfei is a Ph.D. candidate supervised by Prof. R Vasant Kumar, and with Prof. Cate Ducati and Prof. Manish Chhowalla. He is interested in realizing stable and safe utilization of Li/Na/Zn batteries, he is also interested in safety diagnosis and creative recycling of Li batteries. Prior to Cambridge, he received Master's degree from Rice University with Prof. Pulickel Ajayan, ranked top in program cohort. He obtained Bachelor's degree with Outstanding Graduate Award (~Summa Cum Laude) from Nanjing University, working with Prof. Jianguo Liu and Prof. Peng Wang. Minfei was an Undergraduate Visiting Scholar at DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, working under an EMSL User Proposal with Dr. Scott Chambers, Dr. Chongmin Wang and PhD student Yang He (now Professor at USTB).

Recently, Minfei also works closely with Prof. Jia Zhu (NJU), Prof. Guoran Li (Nankai) and Prof. Kai Xi (Xi'an JiaoTong).

Minfei is a recipient of several academic or non-academic awards, including External Trusts, College scholarship, People's Scholarship, Industry Scholarship, Graduate Fellowship, Outstanding Student Leader Award, Excellent Volunteer Award, etc. Minfei also received Travel Grants to several top-notch U.S. universities, Travel Grants for presentations at several international conferences, a Travel Grant to Xinjiang Tianshan Glacier and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for field work, and a Travel Grant for collaborative research project abroad. Minfei is a Fellow of Cambridge Philosophical Society, and a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry.


3. Aurian Durbuis, M.Phil. University of Cambridge, M.Phil. Dissertation Supervision, Easter 2020 [Distinction with 93% (Ranked 1st)]

2. James Campkin, Part III (MSc.) Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, Master's Thesis Project Supervision, Lent 2020 [Distinction with 74%]

1. Aurian Durbuis, M.Phil. University of Cambridge, SciComm Research Supervision, Lent 2020 [Distinction with 80%]


3. Undergraduate Examinations Grader, Part IA NST Mathematics, University of Cambridge, Easter 2021

2. Part IA Project Grader, Part IA NST Materials Science, University of Cambridge, Lent 2021

1. Practical Demonstrator & Grader, Part IA NST Materials Science, University of Cambridge, Lent 2020

Talks & Presentations 

14. International Conference on Recent Advances in Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and their Recycling Methods for Sustainable Development. Dec 1st – 3rd 2021. (Virtual) [Best Student Oral Presentation (Ranked 2nd)] [Cash Award]

13. NanoDTC NanoFutures 2021 Shortlist Talk. Nov 25 - 26th 2021. Maxwell Centre & Robinson College Cambridge, U.K. 

12. Departmental Poster, Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge. Oct 29th 2021. Cambridge, U.K. (Postponed)

11. International Battery Materials Association (IBA) 2021 Annual Meeting. Oct 24 - 29th 2021. Xiamen, China. [Best Poster Award] [Cash Award] [Travel Grant]

10. 240th Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS). Oct 10–14th 2021. Orlando FL, U.S. (Virtual) [Travel Grant]

9. Varsity Sci 2021 Symposium. Sept 30th – Oct 01st 2021. Cambridge & Oxford, U.K. (Virtual)

8. Photothermal Manipulation Research Center, Nanjing University. July 24th 2021. Nanjing, China.

7. Postgraduate Seminars Day, University of Cambridge. June 28th 2021. Cambridge, U.K.

6. Mid-Term Dissertation Presentation Day, M.Phil. in Micro and Nano-technology Enterprise Program, University of Cambridge. June 17th 2020. Cambridge, U.K.

5. Final Poster Presentation, Part III NST Natural Science, University of Cambridge. Apr 18th 2020. Cambridge, U.K.

4. Mid-Term Poster Presentation, Part III NST Natural Science, University of Cambridge. Nov 2019. Cambridge, U.K.

3. Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering, Rice University. Jan 2019. Houston TX, U.S.

2. National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures. May 2017. Nanjing, China.

1. National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Nanjing University. June 2016. Nanjing, China.

Service & Outreach

Entrepreneurship Experience

Entrepreneurship team co-leader, Cambridge/Taipei/Shanghai. Dec 2020-Present

Media Coverage

YouTube livestream on the Oxbridge BioSoc channel | 240th ECS Poster and Recorded Talk