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Materials Chemistry Group


Varun Choda M.Sci., M.A. (Cantab)

Darwin College 

Corrosion protection of pipeline steels by organic inhibitors

 While governments around the world transition to diversify their energy portfolios in different ways, it is clear that the safe exploitation of oil and gas is still necessary to cope with the energy demands of the growing world population for the foreseeable future. In recent times vast quantities of oil and gas reserves have been discovered at previously restrictive depths of over 5 km, bringing new materials science challenges in the development of these deep fields. One of the challenges is preventing the corrosion and degradation of steel pipelines in the harsh environments of the oilfield. The objective of my research is to develop and validate the theory for corrosion inhibition by a class of organic inhibitor widely used in the industry.

Other Interests

Aside from watching steel rust, I also enjoy lifting steel plates as the honorary secretary of the competitive Cambridge University Powerlifting Club.