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Materials Chemistry Group


Dr. Mike Coto  


Google Scholar Profile

Research Interests

Applied photochemistry and nanotechnology for use in water purification, air cleaning, and medical treatments.

Current Research

The various applications of new photocatalytic nanomaterials have been demonstrated in academia for several years. However, high-cost, overly complicated materials design, a lack of representative testing or focus on engineering implementation has prevented their uptake.

My research focuses on combining frugal, scalable synthesises techniques with engineering design to create systems that harness the potential of nanomaterials.

I'm currently working on a project between Cambridge, UK and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - developing water purification solutions that are powered by sunlight.


My work is being commercialised through a social enterprise, Majico and I also support other entrepreneurs through, Primera Impact, an early-stage VC fund. I enjoy building stuff at Makespace, a rapid-prototyping community in Cambridge.