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Materials Chemistry Group


Dr Kai Xi

PhD-Materials Science (University of Cambridge) kaipic

BEng-Mechanical Engineering and Automation (Xi’an Jiaotong University)

MEng-Applied Chemistry (Nankai University) 

Tel: + 44 1223 331953


Research Profile

My primary research interest is materials chemistry for renewable energy conversion and storage, especially for lithium-sulphur (Li-S) batteries, lithium-ion batteries and solar energy cells.

Selected scholarships & awards

— 2014: The prize of the Downing Enterprise Competition. Team name: HULK.

— 2013: The grand prize of the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award in Cambridge.

— 2012: The first prize of CSSA-UK High-level Entrepreneurship Challenge. Team name: CamBattery.

— 2012: Awarded ‘Technology Start up of the Year’ of CUE Business Creation Competition. Team name: CamBattery.

— 2011: Homerton College Research Grand.

— 2010-12: Cambridge Overseas Trust.

Selected Publications

  1. K. Xi, B. Chen, H. Li, R. Xie, C. Gao, C. Zhang*, R. V. Kumar*, J. Robertson*. Soluble polysulphide sorption using carbon nanotube forest for enhancing cycle performance in a lithium sulphur battery. Nano Energy, 2015, 12, 538–546.
  2. Z. Fan, J. Liang, W. Yu, S. Ding,* S. Cheng, G. Yang, Y. Wang, Y. Xi, K. Xi,* R. V. Kumar. Ultrathin NiO nanosheets anchored on a highly ordered nanostructured carbon as an enhanced anode material for lithium ion batteries. Nano Energy, under revision.
  3. Z. Fan, Y. Xi, X. Xu, S. Cheng, G. Gao, C. Xiao, G. Yang, K. Xi*, S. Ding*. Facile fabrication of NiCo2O4@CMK-3 composites with nanosheets-mesopore structure as an enhanced anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Materials Horizon, under review.


  1. Electrical energy storage structures. UK Patent Application No: GB 1301639.9, Filed on 30 Jan 2013, PCT on 30 Jan 2014.
  2. Sulfur/porous carbon felt composite. Patent Application No: 201410208116.4. Filed on 19 May 2014.