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Materials Chemistry Group


Start-Up companies & industrial parters include: 

  • Cambridge Nano Sensors Ltd (CNS) - developing sensors based on miniaturized. Low-power and wireless semiconductor sensors for numerous applications including air quality monitoring, personal health monitoring and industrial safety, process and environmental applications. 

    A new process developed in the group has been licensed to Aurelius Environmental Limited (Aurelius Technologies: ; Aurelius Environmental: )

  • CamBattery - working on developing the lithium sulfur battery technology, including improving the battery performance and commercialize the technology. 
  • Camses - exploring photocatalysis for a wide range of applications. Research directions include: air cleaning, water disemfection and dental treatments
  • Camfridge Ltd - exploring a new range of magnetocaloric compounds for use in a novel solid-state refrigerator that are clean, green and gas-free
  • Enviromental Monitoring & Control Ltd - A start-up company founded by Professor Fray and Dr Kumar with industrial partner Dr Henson in order to transfer technology from university to industry manufacturing cutting-edge solid ionic sensors for monitoring hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide & trioxide, and on-board diagnostics sensing for a variety of applications
  • FerroEnergy - developing materials for electrocaloric refrigeration
  • GreenPB - developing a revolutionary method of recycling lead-acid battery paste using environmentally friendly and economic household chemicals to recover the lead content directly in the form of lead oxide
  • Inotec AMD - Inotec AMD is a specialist company in Woundcare, formed specifically to introduce a new technology to healthcare professionals around the world and promote faster and better healing to patients.
  • Metalysis Ltd - exploiting the FFC-Cambridge electro-deoxidation process for low-energy extraction of metals
  • Solutions 4 Hydrogen Pvt. Ltd - A start-up company founded by Dr Kumar in order to manufacture instruments for leak detection, safety monitoring and process control with applications in power plants, chemical industry, transportation, back-up battery rooms, space applications and many others