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Materials Chemistry Group


Start-up companies & industrial parters include: 

  • Multinanosense private Ltd ( - developing sensors based on miniaturized, low-power and wireless semiconductor sensors for numerous applications including air quality monitoring, personal health monitoring and industrial safety, process and environmental applications. Manufacturing solid state electrochemical sensors for hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine and other gases, for leak detection, safety monitoring and process control with applications in power plants, chemical industry, transportation, back-up battery rooms, space applications and many others.
  • A new green process for recycling batteries developed in the group has been licensed to Ever Resource Ltd ( and iQ International.
  • CamBattery - working on developing the lithium sulfur battery technology, including improving the battery performance and commercialize the technology. 
  • Camses - exploring photocatalysis for a wide range of applications. Research directions include: air cleaning, water disemfection and dental treatments
  • Camfridge Ltd - exploring a new range of magnetocaloric compounds for use in a novel solid-state refrigerator that are clean, green and gas-free
  • Enviromental Monitoring & Control Ltd - A start-up company founded by Professor Fray and Professor Kumar with industrial partner Dr Henson in order to transfer technology from university to industry manufacturing cutting-edge solid ionic sensors for monitoring hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide & trioxide, and on-board diagnostics sensing for a variety of applications. Technology has developed with leaps and bound thanks to massive contributions and efforts from Mr Mark Henson (CEO), Dr Matt Hills (Engineering Director and former group member) and Professor Carsten Schwandt (Non-Exec Director, former member of the group and inventor of key technologies productionised by EMC).
  • FerroEnergy - developing materials for electrocaloric refrigeration
  • Inotec AMD - Inotec AMD is a specialist company in Woundcare, formed specifically to introduce a new technology to healthcare professionals around the world and promote faster and better healing to patients.
  • Metalysis Ltd - exploiting the FFC-Cambridge electro-deoxidation process for low-energy extraction of metals