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Materials Chemistry Group


L. Liam R. Bird


MRes in Graphene Technology (2018) – University of Cambridge, Darwin College

MEng in Energy Engineering with Environmental Management (2017) – University of East Anglia


Research Interests

I am researching use of graphene-related materials in lithium sulfur batteries, with the aim of improving their capacity retention and long-term stability. In addition to fabricating the materials and proof-of-concept batteries, I am working with the High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy groups to investigate in-situ characterisation methods to explore the lithium sulfur charge/ discharge mechanism.


M. Hernaez, C. Zamarreño, S. Melendi-Espina, L. Bird, A. Mayes, and F. Arregui, Sensors 17, 155 (2017).