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Materials Chemistry Group



Amir Fakeeh

Research Interest: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; Manufacturing; Electrochemistry; Nanotechnology.

Research Interests

My research efforts are focused on the advancement of the Intermediate Temperature (500-700C), Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Most of the current cell architectures are utilising one of the electrochemically active layers (anode/electrolyte/cathode) as a mechanical support. However, this increases the costs of the final device, as well as requires elevated temperatures (800-1000C) to overcome the Ohmic losses, especially in the case of electrolyte supported SOFCs. 
In this project we are developing fuel cells based on the externally supported architecture, with stainless steel or bi-metallic nickel-iron (NiFe) substrates. The active layers are then applied via the Direct-Ceramic Ink-Jet Printing, which enables lowering the costs, reducing material waste and making industrial scale-up more implementable


X. Xu, H. Tan, K. Xi, S. Ding, D. Yu, S. Cheng, G. Yang, X. Peng, A. Fakeeh, R. V. Kumar "Bamboo-like amorphous carbon nanotubes clad in ultrathin nickel oxide nanosheets for lithium-ion battery electrodes with long cycle life" Carbon, 84, 491-499 (2015)/

A. Fakeeh, R.I. Tomov, R.V. Kumar, B.A. Glowacki "Fabrication of bimetallic (NiFe) anode-supported SOFCs with Direct Ceramic Inkjet Printing" ECS Transactions (2015) (Accepted, in progress).