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Materials Chemistry Group

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Dr Vimalnath Selvaraj

Dr Vimalnath Selvaraj Postdoctoral Research Associate profile_picture_dr_vimalnath_selvaraj.jpg INTEREST I am passionate about research and development of circular economy based sustainable inventions covering both biological and chemical processes. My research focuses on recycling of spent...

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Dr Kai Xi

Dr Kai Xi PhD-Materials Science (University of Cambridge) BEng-Mechanical Engineering and Automation (Xi’an Jiaotong University) MEng-Applied Chemistry (Nankai University) Tel: + 44 1223 331953 Email: Research Profile My primary research interest is materials chemistry for renewable...

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Dr Marcel Yiao

Dr Marcel Yiao Research Interests Lead acid battery, Metal coating, Electroless plating, Aluminium, High energy battery, Lightweight battery Current research is focusing on improving lead acid battery technology by use of lightweight aluminium coated with lead to replace bulk lead alloys in grids...

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Dr Francisco Malaret

Dr Francisco Malaret Postdoctoral Research Associate dr_francisco_malaret.jpg Email: Biography Dr Francisco Malaret is a post-doctoral researcher in sustainable engineering and a senior process engineer with more than ten years of experience in the oil and gas industry, specifically...

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Dr Rumen Tomov

Dr Rumen Tomov Research Associate rumen-blackwhite.png Education and qualifications PhD, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Msc, Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University Research interests Rumen holds a PhD degree from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He joined the University...