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Materials Chemistry Group


Dr Paul R. Coxon 

  • PhD (2010), Newcastle University, UK
  • MPhys (2005), Newcastle University, UK


Telephone: 01223 331694

Research profile

Research interests: photovoltaic materials, black silicon, solar cell device fabrication, new materials for high efficiency PV devices, lithium sulfur batteries.

My current research focuses on making silicon solar cells more efficient by improving their ability to capture more light. Specifically I have developed rapid low-cost rapid methods using molten salt electrolysis to create nanoporous ultra black silicon. The random nanoscale surface texture of black silicon allows light to be collected at any time of day, over a wide range of angles, leading to higher overall cell efficiencies.

Previously I was Senior Research Associate in the Energy Materials Laboratory in the School of Chemistry, University of East Anglia investigating the functionalization and optoelectronic properties of silicon quantum dots for thermoelectric energy harvesting and biomedical imaging applications.

My research is part of the Energy@Cambridge Strategic Research Initiative, which brings together research activities of academics engaged in energy-related research. I am a member of Cambridge University Energy Network, and am Membership Officer for Postdocs of Cambridge (PdOC).

I am a keen science communicator always eager to engage the public in the wonders of materials science.  I occasionally appear on radio and TV, and regularly contribute to popular science magazines and blogs on renewable energy, solar photovoltaics, energy materials and storage. I can be found on Twitter at @paulcoxon.

Selected Publications


  • Black silicon: fabrication methods, properties and solar energy applications, X Liu, PR Coxon, M Peters, B Hoex, JM Cole, DJ Fray, Energy & Environmental Science (2014) 7 (10), 3223-3263
  • Graphene-wrapped sulfur/metal organic framework-derived microporous carbon composite for lithium sulfur batteries, Renjie Chen, Teng Zhao, Tian Tian, Shuai Cao, Paul R. Coxon, Kai Xi, David Fairen-Jimenez, R. Vasant Kumar and Anthony K. Cheetham APL Materials (2014) 2 (12), 124109
  • Hedgehog-like hierarchical ZnO needle-clusters with superior electron transfer kinetics for dye-sensitized solar cells, J Qu, Y Yang, Q Wu, PR Coxon, Y Liu, X He, K Xi, N Yuan, J Ding, RSC Advances  (2014) 4 (22), 11430-11437


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