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Materials Chemistry Group


Siti Nor

Research Interest SN

The interaction of metal and its environment has always been a subject of a major interest, be it from the scientific as well as economic point of view.  The metal/ environment interactions or better known corrosion is considered as one of the most widely investigated phenomenon due to its vast consequences which can either be detrimental or beneficial depending on the environment where the metal has been exposed to. Among the many industries which are greatly affected by corrosion is the food industries, hence, my research is designed to study the interaction between metal (particularly stainless steel) and food environment. While most research focused on the electrochemical aspect of the metal itself, my research is designed to be in two folds; first is to investigate the electrochemical behavior of metal when exposed to various food processing environment and second is to study the effect of corrosion on the electrochemical nature of food components. Working under the supervision of Prof. G.T. Burstein, my research involves the use of various electrochemical techniques including cyclic voltammetry, cyclic thermammetry and electrochemical noise. In addition to that, another objective in my research involves the designing of electrochemical sensor for Vitamin C detection.