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Materials Chemistry Group


Dr Francisco Malaret

Postdoctoral Research Associate



Dr Francisco Malaret is a post-doctoral researcher in sustainable engineering and a senior process engineer with more than ten years of experience in the oil and gas industry, specifically in onshore and offshore LNG projects. His engineering experience covers conceptual to detailed studies. Dr Malaret completed his PhD at Imperial College London on the industrial applications of ionic liquids. He earned a BSc Eng degree in chemical engineering and a BSc degree in chemistry, graduating cum laude from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela. He also holds an MSc degree in oil refining from the IFP School in France. His current research is focusing on the industrial implementation of sustainable synthesis methods for the production of high-performance inorganic materials for different applications, including biotechnology, electronics and energy storage devices.

Research Interests

• Inorganic material synthesis (nano- / micro-sized particles).

• Ionic Liquid (IL) synthesis and characterisation.

• Lignocellulosic-biomass fractionation.

• Solid-liquid and liquid-liquid extraction processes.

• Corrosion behaviour of metals exposed to ILs.

• Process simulations and optimization.

•  Process design and techno-economic analysis.