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Dr. Sri Maha Vishnu Dunaboyina

Dr. Sri Maha Vishnu Dunaboyina

2006-2008 : Master of Science (Chemistry) IMG_3951.jpg

Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post Graduate Studies (Affiliated to Pondicherry University), Pondicherry, India

2008-2014  : Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry)

Homi Bhabha National Institute (Campus: Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research), Mumbai, India


Research interests

Electro-deoxidation chemistry of solid metal oxides and semi-metal oxides in molten salts, Related aspects of materials chemistry and electrometallurgy, Corrosion of high density graphite materials in molten salts, Polymer electrolyte membrane based hydrogen sensors, Electrochemical synthesis of metals and technologically important alloys and evaluation of their mechanical and corrosion properties.

Selected Publications

  1. D. Sri Maha Vishnu, Jagadeesh Sure, K.S. Mohandas, ‘Corrosion of high density graphite anode during direct electrochemical de-oxidation of solid oxides in molten CaCl2 medium’, Carbon, 93 (2015) 782-792.
  2.  D. Sri Maha Vishnu, N. Sanil, N. Murugesan, L. Shakila, C. Ramesh, K.S. Mohandas, K. Nagarajan, ‘Determination of the extent of reduction of dense UO2 cathodes from direct electrochemical reduction studies in molten chloride medium’, Journal of nuclear materials, 427 (2012) 200-208.
  3. D. Sri Maha Vishnu, N. Sanil, L. Shakila, G. Panneerselvam, R. Sudha,  K.S. Mohandas, K. Nagarajan, ‘A study of the reaction pathways during electrochemical reduction of dense Nb2O5 pellets in molten CaCl2 medium’, Electrochimica Acta, 100 (2013) 51-62.

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