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Tiesheng Wang

Tiesheng Wang


PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Sensor Technologies (Darwin College)




MRes, Sensor Technologies and Applications - University of Cambridge (Darwin College)

BEng, Materials Science and Engineering - Imperial College London



Tiesheng Wang (王铁胜) is currently developing materials under nano-confinement and multifunctional materials with interpenetrating structures that can benefit sensing, energy storage, and catalysis. He is under the supervision of Professor R. Vasant Kumar and Dr Stoyan K. Smoukov and working closely with Professor Anthony K. Cheetham. Tiesheng is funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship. He is also affiliated with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications. 


Selected Publications

(1) Tiesheng Wang, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Yingjun Liu, Weiwei Li, James T. Griffiths, Yue Wu, Sourav Laha, Kara D. Fong, Filip Podjaski, Chao Yun, R. Vasant Kumar, Bettina V. Lotsch, Anthony K. Cheetham, Stoyan K. Smoukov*, Bottom-up Formation of Carbon-Based Structures with Multilevel Hierarchy from MOF–Guest Polyhedra, (, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018, 140 (19), pp 6130–6136

(2) Kara D. Fong#, Tiesheng Wang#, Hyun-Kyung Kim, R. Vasant Kumar, Stoyan K. Smoukov*, Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks for Enhanced supercapacitor Electrodes, (, ACS Energy Letters, 2017, 2 (9), pp 2014–2020 (#co-first author)

(3) Tiesheng Wang, Meisam Farajollahi, Sebastian Henke,Tongtong Zhu, Sneha R. Bajpe, Shijing Sun, Jonathan S. Barnard, June Sang Lee, John D.W. Madden, Anthony K. Cheetham, Stoyan K. Smoukov*, Functional Conductive Nanomaterials via Polymerisation in Nano-channels: PEDOT in a MOF, (, Materials Horizons, 2017, 4 (1), pp 64–71 

(4) Tiesheng Wang, Meisam Farajollahi, Yeon Sik Choi, I-Ting Lin, Jean E. Marshall, Noel M. Thompson, Sohini Kar-Narayan, John D. W. Madden, Stoyan K. Smoukov*, Electroactive Polymers for Sensing, (, Interface Focus, 2016, 6 (4), 20160026

 (5) Tiesheng Wang, Jozerd Costan, Anthony Centeno, Jing S. Pang, Daniel Darvill, Mary P. Ryan and Fang Xie*, Broadband Enhanced Fluorescence Using Zincoxide Nanoflower Arrays, (, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3, pp 2656–2663