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Naked Scientists

Dr Paul Coxon presented Archimedes' Principle to the Naked Scientists as part of a show about important science experiments through the ages. The recording was broadcast as three radio shows and downloadable podcasts on BBC 5 Live, BBC Cambridgeshire and ABC Radio National (Australia) to an audience of over a quarter of a million listeners.

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Paper of the Month

A lithium-sulphur battery embodies energy which is several times superior to the conventional Li-ion battery. Rapidy decay of this energy has been a significant obstacle hampering practical applications, the loss of capacity mainly arises from dissolution of lithium polysulphide in the electrolyte followed by diffusion away from the cathode. In order to overcome this problem, we have prepared a composite cathode made of sulphur and a high density carbon nanotube (HD-CNT) forest scaffold that is able to interfacially adsorb and volumetrically confine the polysulphide species and accommodate the expansion of sulphur discharge products effectively.

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Dr Ali Kamil's work featured in Eselvier News -- Tin and carbon join forces for better batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are already enabling a new generation of powerful mobile electronic devices. But to deliver more power for longer, materials with a higher lithium storage capacity than currently used graphite are needed. Sn-containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) could be the ideal high-capacity material for anodes in advanced batteries but are difficult and expensive to produce. Now, however, researchers from the University of Cambridge have come up with a scalable and efficient alternative based on a molten salt process

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